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These original works are painted on silk, mounted on acid free board then framed like a watercolour. The paints were fixed to make them permanent. Sizes are approximate.

I grow cannas and did a series of paintings of them. 2 of them are shown on this page.

Canna Durban  20x16in SOLD                                    
Pink Peony         20x16
   Iris Spuria           22x22in
Pink Oriental Poppy   28x24 in
White Dahlia           20 in sq                                                     
Meconopsis    14x 11in
Tropical Waterlily   28x24in
Hibiscus       20x20                                                          
Strelitzia regina  20x20in
Rose just Joey      20x20in
Canna Durban 06  (241x300).jpg
Canna Rainbow Durban   22x26in
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