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Art to Wear

Pendants, silk scarves and necklaces

Inspired by the natural world seascapes, landscapes, flowers butterflies birds etc


These are made from my original miniature paintings.

They are mostly painted in acrylic and varnished to seal. They are mounted onto a silver plated bezel and can be paired with a chain or cord and ribbon with fastener. The round ones are 2.5cm across and some of them have a concave glass cabochon over the image.

Silk scarves and necklaces

These are hand painted or dyed and the colours are fixed to make them permanent.

The silk scarves are washable.

For some of them I have used the Japanese shibori technique that involves folding in different ways before dying to make the patterns. One of the methods I like is called arashi shibori. The silk is wrapped around a pole then scrunched up to make tight pleats. The dyes are added then the silk steamed to fix. The pattern usually makes diagonal lines. Arashi means storm in Japanese and the diagonal pattern of lines is like rain.

Payment by paypal or BACS, Click on an image to see the price. UK postage and your  choice of either silver plated chain or cord and ribbon necklace is included. If you would like to buy please message me using the form at the bottom of the page and let me know which item you would like and I will set up a payment link for you.

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