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Thanks so much to everyone who has supported this fundraiser!!!

So far the amount raised is over £1007.50 this includes the total on the Just Giving page plus Gift Aid plus a donation sent direct to Diamond.


I  am offering 100% of the cost of the paintings on this page in aid of The Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders. 

If you would like to buy let me know which painting you would like using the contact form at the bottom of the page and use the Just Giving link below to pay.

These paintings are mainly original watercolours or silk paintings, mounted and unframed unless stated otherwise.

Click on an image to see the full painting, size and price.

If you would like a painting framed ask me for a quote, the cost of framing would not be part off the fundraiser. or you might prefer to get your own framing.

There are some small paintings where the frame is included in the fund raiser.

To find about more about the amazing work of the Diamond Centre see

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